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Online Seminar Series: RF Measurements (recorded versions)

Learn the fundamentals of RF Measurements through this 5-parts webcast series.

  • Fine tune your RF measurement technique and best practices
  • Live measurement advice and answers to your questions
  • Increase your productivity with the RF industry’s latest tools


Maximising RF Test Throughput with Real-Time, FPGA-based Signal Processing   
(recorded version in English)

Learn how PXI express technology is used with RF instrumentation for high throughput data streaming to a host PC or to an FPGA for processing.  This session also explores ways of reducing software dependencies for processing by streaming data to and from one or more FPGA modules embedded in the PXI chassis for real time processing and spectrum analysis. 


Advancing RF Test with Vector Signal Transceiver (VST) (recorded version in English)

NI vector signal transceivers (VSTs) combine a vector signal analyzer and vector signal generator with a user-programmable FPGA for real-time signal processing and control. Built on the NI LabVIEW RIO architecture, it delivers programming flexibility and cutting-edge RF hardware to meet the most challenging RF applications. The session will discuss what kind of applications require VSTs and which can be solved by non-FPGA based PXI RF equipment. 


Advanced MIMO Testing for RF Communication Protocols (recorded version in English)

This session covers the advantages gained from using multiple antennas in a communications channel, using 802.11n as a real-world use case. Concepts such as OFDM, channel fading, and spatial multiplexing are covered in their context of the 802.11n WLAN standard, as well as a general overview of phase-coherent measurement systems and how they relate to MIMO applications such as 802.11n. A general demonstration of a 2x2 Tx / Rx system is performed with phase-coherent signal generators and analysers, including a demonstration of actual multi-channel 802.11n measurements.


Improving Automated Network Analysis (recorded version in English)

Making accurate, S-parameter measurements is challenging, even with modern test equipment and methods. The vector network analyser (VNA) has become the instrument of choice for many RF measurements due to its exceptional accuracy and flexibility. This session addresses important considerations regarding calibration, measurement speed, and programming when adding network analysis to your automated test systems.  Several advanced topics including pulsed S-parameter measurements, time domain analysis and effective de-embedding techniques will also be introduced.


GPS Receiver Test: A Comprehensive, Hybrid Test Approach  (recorded version in English)

This webcast introduces common GPS receiver tests including sensitivity, TTFF, position and tracking accuracy. It demonstrates an innovative way of bringing GPS signals into the lab for comprehensive GPS test using a hybrid of simulated signal generation as well as real-world signal record and playback. In addition to going over measurement fundamentals, we walk through hardware and software demonstrations of these GPS receiver tests using both simulated and real-world signals in the lab.