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LabVIEW Week of Webcasts: By Developers, For Developers

LabVIEW Week of Webcasts: By Developers, For Developers
LabVIEW users seeking time-saving tips and expert development techniques are invited to view recorded sessions from the 2012 LabVIEW Week of Webcasts. Featuring 10 technical presentations and taught by NI LabVIEW experts, including “Father of LabVIEW” Jeff Kodosky and Vice President of LabVIEW R&D David Fuller, the webcast series enhances users’ LabVIEW programming skills through practical, in-depth technical presentations and live chat. Click below for on-demand versions of the webcasts and LabVIEW code presented during the 2012 LabVIEW Week of Webcasts.
Jeff Kodosky

Day 1

Keynote: The Philosophy of LabVIEW 
Jeff Kodosky, Father of LabVIEW, NI Cofounder & Fellow (25')


Software Development Best Practices and Source Code Management (62')
Eli Kerry, Senior LabVIEW Product Manager (Download)


David Fuller

Day 2

Keynote: LabVIEW: The Ultimate Toolbox (20')
David Fuller, Vice President of LabVIEW R&D 


Reusing Existing Code in LabVIEW (30')
Adri Kruger, LabVIEW Product Manager  (Download)  

 Derrick Snyder

Day 3

Introduction to LabVIEW Object-Oriented Programming (60')
Derrick Snyder, LabVIEW Product Manager (Download)


Designing Scalable LabVIEW Applications With Object-Oriented Programming (80')
Eli Kerry, LabVIEW Product Manager (Download)

 Grant Heimbach

Day 4

Creating and Managing Reusable Code in LabVIEW (37')
Will Schoettler, LabVIEW Tools Network Product Manager (Download)


LabVIEW Error Handling Best Practices (80')
Grant Heimbach, LabVIEW Product Manager (Download)

 Meghan Kerry

Day 5

Best Practices for Designing Real-Time and FPGA Applications (45')
Meghan Kerry, Product Manager for RIO Architectures (Download)


Best Practices for Deploying, Replicating, and Managing Real-Time and FPGA Applications (60')
Sanjay Challa, Embedded Software Product Manager (Download)