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National Instruments - Case Study Booklet Eastern Europe

Case Study Booklet

Let us introduce you to the National Instruments Case Study Booklet which is the collection of the greatest solutions achieved by our customers in Eastern Europe recently. The case studies feature applications of the latest generation technologies in academia and research with the most innovative use of Virtual Instrumentation. These customer-written case studies are great examples of how customers like you are harnessing the power of graphical system design to innovate in virtually every industry and across many applications. All the case studies in this booklet were presented by the authors at the NI Academic & Research Days.

We invite you to read these brilliant solutions with us! Enjoy reading! 

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The content of this booklet has been written and provided by the authors of the case studies, thus represents the exclusive intellectual property of the authors. National Instruments does not take the responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of the content in this booklet.