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Online Purchase at NI

How to Buy Online?

How to Buy Online?

Learn how to find, select, and order NI products. You can also easily retrieve and reference your saved products, quotes, and orders with MyNI.

 Find out how to buy online

Benefits of Online Purchase at NI



Online orders process faster than email or fax orders.

  • Get sales order acknowledgement faster.
  • Get scheduled shipping dates faster.


  • Enjoy the convenience of ordering online at any time.
  • Pay with credit card (in some countries).


  • Meets growing expectations of self-service across all aspects of life.

Retrieve a Quote

Access all your quotes at see products, discount, quote expriaton date, dowload the quote in pdf, and modify your quote.

  • Do not have to be logged in.
  • Other colleagues can retrieve your quotes.
  • Can access both open and inactive quotes.

Order Status

View all of your order history, or a single order at

  • See shipping, billing and payment information.
  • Get shipment tracking information.
  • Download invoice.