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Building your own semiconductor test system is not a trivial task. It requires a team of engineers to build and support it, and most semiconductor companies can't justify it. What you really need are new age test solutions that easily integrate into the production environment and that scale from characterization to production.


Download this free guide to explore the latest technologies with the proven benefits of reducing cost, having faster test times, and more accurate measurements for semiconductor test.

 Free Guide on Semiconductor Testing


Your free guide contains the following:


  • NI Automated Test Outlook 2016 - Smarter devices. Smarter test systems:
    Read a comprehensive view of the key technologies and methodologies making a large impact on the test and measurement industry by standardizing platforms and harvesting test data to reduce the cost of test.
  • ON Semiconductor Speeds Up Test Times With the Semiconductor Test System:
    Learn how ON Semiconductor, Belgium Developed a high-end, scalable, and cost-effective mixed-signal production tester that enables wafer sort and final test for ON Semiconductor’s new generation image sensors.
  • Highly Parallel Wafer Level Reliability Systems With PXI SMUs:
    Additional complexity and higher assurance requirements increase the amount of reliability data. When faced with this problem of more data at a lower cost, many reliability engineers find they cannot solve it using traditional reliability solutions, so they are turning toward modular, flexible solutions that can scale to fit their needs.
  • Reference Solutions for RF Power Amplifier Testing:
    Read the reference solution to learn how you can actually implement PA envelope tracking technique, and improve its performance, with tight RF-to-baseband synchronization.
  • Lower the Cost of Test With Semiconductor Test Systems:
    The Semiconductor Test System (STS) series features fully production-ready test systems that use NI technology in a form factor suitable for a semiconductor production test environment. The STS combines modular instrumentation and system design software for RF and mixed-signal production test. For more details, refer to the STS flyer in the kit.
  • NI Trend Watch 2016 - When Exposed to IoT, Big Iron ATE Will Rust:
    For the testing challenges of tomorrow, traditional ATE falls short. Test engineers need smart ATE for the smart devices of the IoT. Read our Trend Watch article on IoT.