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Automated Test Technology Days: A Five-Part Webcast Series

Innovating Automated Test

Watch this webcast series to learn how a platform-based approach gives you the right tools to create effective, programmable systems.


Test engineering faces expanding requirements and unprecedented business constraints that affect time to market, cost of test, and staffing levels. As devices become more complex, engineers need to increase the throughput of their test systems, reduce maintenance costs, and explore lower cost solutions.

In this free five-part webcast series, learn how NI’s software-defined approach, based on flexible hardware platforms and scalable software, is helping companies build better automated test and measurement systems.

Keynote: Innovating Automated Test With a Platform-Based Approach

We live in a programmable world with systems that need to connect, respond to, and control the outside world as well as communicate with each other. Hear how a platform-based approach gives you the tools to create effective, “programmable” test and measurement systems that adapt to your current and future test needs.

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Reduce Your Cost and Size of Test

Traditional instruments have fixed software architectures, and the vendor defines most of the functionality. You are often forced to perform custom analysis offline on the full data sets. Hear how the software-defined approach increases flexibility, and learn how to create a system that reduces your cost and size of test.

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Develop Tests Faster

Engineers must create innovative new test systems to meet their changing time-to-market and performance requirements. Discover the variety of software tools available throughout the development cycle, and learn how to choose the right tools for your application.

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Execute Tests Faster and With Greater Flexibility

As devices become more complex, customized testing solutions are essential. The PXI platform is the leading modular instrumentation solution for building compact, high-performance test systems. See how PXI uses the latest technologies, such as FPGA, to provide faster test execution with increased flexibility.

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Increase Your System’s Longevity for Long-Term Success

High-throughput test equipment and mission-critical measurement systems require maximum reliability. Get clever tips and tricks for system efficiency and longevity, and explore NI services that can help you plan for the entire life cycle of your system.

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